Hamare Baarah Movie Review

Hamare Baarah Movie Review : Annu Kapoor’s Strong Message in Extended Plot

Hamare Baarah Movie Review Rating

Star Cast: Annu Kapoor, Ashwini Kalsekar, Manoj Joshi, Paritosh Tripathi, Rahul Bagga, Aditi Bhatpahri, Ankita Dwivedi, Abhimanyu Singh
Director: Kamal Chandra

What’s Good

Hamare Baarah presents a hard-hitting drama that addresses the relevance of religious teachings in contemporary times. While focused on Islam, its message resonates across all faiths.

What’s Bad

The film suffers from a stretched narrative that occasionally stretches believability.

Loo Break

No breaks needed!

Watch or Not?

Recommended for those who are open-minded and progressive. It serves as a thought-provoking experience, especially for viewers who may benefit from a broader perspective on cultural and societal issues.



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148 Minutes

Set in Lucknow, Hamare Baarah delves into the familial challenges faced by 60-year-old Manzoor Ali Khan Sanjari (played by Annu Kapoor). Having lost his first wife during childbirth, Manzoor has remarried Rukhsar (Ankita Dwivedi) and is determined to father another child, despite medical warnings that it could endanger Rukhsar’s life. With 11 children already, his daughter Alfia (Aditi Bhatpahri) rebels against his wishes and takes legal action to prevent her stepmother from undergoing the risky pregnancy.

Hamare Baarah Movie Review: Script Analysis

Rajan Agarwal’s script is commendable for its impartial treatment of Islam, emphasizing how misinterpretations by select individuals can lead astray. It critiques those who exploit religion for personal gain, thereby hindering societal progress and education among adherents. The character of the defense lawyer (played by Manoj Joshi), who himself practices what he opposes through his conservative stance, underscores the script’s irony and social commentary.

However, the narrative loses momentum in the second half, prolonging conflicts unnecessarily. The introduction of new complexities, such as attempts to malign Rukhsar’s character, detracts from the story’s central message. The judge’s concluding remarks also undermine the narrative’s coherence, questioning the necessity of the legal battle itself.

Hamare Baarah Movie Review: Star Performance

Annu Kapoor delivers a standout performance as Manzoor Ali Khan, portraying his character’s moral ambiguity convincingly. Kapoor’s portrayal captures Manzoor’s authoritarian demeanor and conflicted emotions with depth and intensity. Ashwini Kalsekar shines as Aafreen, the determined lawyer advocating for Rukhsar’s rights, showcasing her versatility beyond comedic roles. Manoj Joshi’s portrayal as the defense counsel is marked by theatricality, though his delivery occasionally feels forced amidst complex legal jargon.

Supporting performances, notably by Paritosh Tripathi, Rahul Bagga, and Aditi Bhatpahri, add credibility to the ensemble cast. Ankita Dwivedi’s portrayal of Rukhsar, while pivotal, lacks the necessary character development to fully engage the audience. Udayvir Singh Yadav’s portrayal as the judge brings gravitas to pivotal courtroom scenes, complementing the film’s narrative tension.

Hamare Baarah Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director Kamal Chandra demonstrates adeptness in capturing dramatic sequences, enhancing the script’s emotional impact through nuanced storytelling. His use of situational songs adds depth to pivotal moments, maintaining a narrative coherence that aligns with the film’s thematic concerns.

The film’s music, composed by Bishakh Jyoti and featuring contributions from Annu Kapoor, complements its thematic resonance. Qawwalis featured in the film serve as poignant reflections of character motivations, underscoring emotional dilemmas through lyrical compositions.

Hamare Baarah Movie Review: The Last Word

Hamare Baarah is a compelling exploration of gender dynamics and religious interpretations, offering poignant social commentary amid its narrative shortcomings. While its thematic relevance is commendable, inconsistencies in pacing and plot development hinder its overall impact.

Rating: Three stars!


What is the storyline of “Hamare Baarah”?

    “Hamare Baarah” revolves around the life of Manzoor Ali Khan Sanjari, a 60-year-old man from Lucknow who faces familial challenges after remarrying and seeking to have another child despite medical warnings.

    Who are the key actors in “Hamare Baarah”?

      The movie stars Annu Kapoor as Manzoor Ali Khan Sanjari, alongside Ashwini Kalsekar, Manoj Joshi, Paritosh Tripathi, Rahul Bagga, Aditi Bhatpahri, Ankita Dwivedi, and Abhimanyu Singh in pivotal roles.

      What is the central message of “Hamare Baarah”?

        “Hamare Baarah” addresses the importance of aligning religious teachings with contemporary societal values, using Islam as a backdrop but conveying universal themes applicable to all faiths.

        Where can I watch “Hamare Baarah”?

          As of now, “Hamare Baarah” is available for theatrical release. It is recommended to check local listings or online platforms for streaming options as they become available.

          What are critics saying about “Hamare Baarah”?

            Critics have praised Annu Kapoor’s performance and the film’s thematic depth but have noted concerns over the stretched narrative and pacing issues in the second half.

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