Snapchat Planet Symbols

Interpreting Snapchat Planet Symbols: What You Need to Know

Snapchat Planet Symbols: As a subscriber to Snapchat Plus, you occupy a central position in the virtual solar system of friendships. Snapchat continues to be a vibrant platform for social interaction, and Snapchat Plus enhances this experience with added features, including an innovative way to rank and visualize interactions with friends. But what exactly do the planets symbolize on Snapchat? Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding the celestial hierarchy of your Snapchat friendships.


Snapchat Plus subscribers benefit from a unique feature called Friend Solar Systems, which visually represents the ranking of their eight closest friends on the platform. Each friend is assigned a planet within your solar system, reflecting the intensity of your interactions and closeness Snapchat Planet Symbols.

What do the Snapchat Planet Symbols mean on Snapchat?

Snapchat employs various symbols to denote specific meanings, but the Snapchat planets add a novel dimension. When you visit someone’s Friendship Profile, you might encounter badges like “Best Friends” or “Friends,” indicating their status among your closest companions by Snapchat Planet Symbols . This feature is known as Friend Solar Systems.

Tapping on these badges reveals an astronomical representation: you are the Sun, and each of your top eight friends corresponds to a planet based on your Snapchat interactions. Similar to the distances of planets from the Sun in our solar system, Mercury represents your closest friend, identified by a badge adorned with five red hearts, while Neptune signifies your eighth closest friend with its distinctive deep blue hue.

Here’s how each Snapchat planet is differentiated in your personal solar system:

  • Mercury: The closest planet to the Sun, symbolizing your closest friend with five red hearts.
  • Venus: Represents your second closest friend, featuring hearts in shades of pink, yellow, and blue.
  • Earth: Your third closest friend, identifiable by its moon and visible continents.
  • Mars: Depicted in deep red, representing your fourth closest friend.
  • Jupiter: Marked by its Great Red Spot, symbolizing your fifth closest friend.
  • Saturn: Known for its extensive ring system, representing your sixth closest friend.
  • Uranus: Distinguished by its green spirals, signifying your seventh closest friend.
  • Neptune: The furthest from the Sun, representing your eighth closest friend with its deep blue color.

There’s a slight difference between the Best Friends and Friends badges:

  • The Best Friends badge indicates mutual inclusion in each other’s solar systems.
  • The Friends badge indicates one-sided inclusion, where you feature in your friend’s solar system but they do not in yours.

How to see your friends’ solar systems

You cannot view the solar systems of other users as they are private and specific to individual profiles. However, you can ascertain if you are part of your friends’ solar systems by checking for the Best Friends or Friends badge on your Friendship Profile page.


How do I get a Snapchat Plus free trial?
To initiate a Snapchat Plus free trial, tap on the Snapchat Plus banner and select a subscription plan. This will start a seven-day trial period.

Can you cancel your Snapchat Plus free trial at any time?
Yes, you can cancel your Snapchat Plus free trial at any time by navigating to your subscriptions list in Google Play and selecting Cancel subscription.

How much does Snapchat Plus cost?
Snapchat Plus is priced at $9.99 per month, offering enhanced features for a richer Snapchat experience.

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